February 14th, 2011

What does ICA do?


Our motto is “We make Cruising more Fun” but there’s a serious side too. ICA offers an ever growing knowledge-base of cruising resources and information specific to Extended Coastal (New Zealand and a developing section on Australia) and Offshore, with an emphasis on the South West Pacific. A wide range of fun events, training, practical demonstrations, on the water preparation and back up to assist cruisers to get out there. Membership in the Island Cruising Association is NZ$45.00 per year and membership gives you access to the entire knowledge base.


The South Pacific, New Zealand and Australia are our collective back yard and the Island Cruising Association has cruised extensively here for the past 25 years. All of this accumulated knowledge is available to club members in a variety of forms.

First and foremost is the web site, full of treasures and constantly evolving, take the VIRTUAL TOUR to see just what’s available. February this year saw the introduction of the new interactive site with membership, rally & seminar registration and shopping online.. Then there’s books, ICA PRESS has five titles they publish. “A GUIDE TO CRUISING’ starting with purchasing a boat and going from there, “SAFETY & EMERGENCIES AT SEA’, covering boat handling, setup and heavy weather sailing plus a guide on how to handle various emergencies at sea. The “KIWI CRUISERS LOG’ is an information source on resources for cruisers plus a clear concise ships log, and the two companion books, “SAIL NEW ZEALAND & SAIL SOUTH PACIFIC’ are an information source on where to go and who has what in the South Pacific from marinas to supermarkets, water to fuel, its all there.


A number of weekend courses are offered throughout the year: “THE PASSAGE MAKER SEMINAR’ covering all aspects of ocean passage making, the “ON THE WATER’ course, which is a one on one intensive look at setting up your boat, done on your own boat and the “CRUISING PREPARATION SCHOOL” which deals with everything else cruising.

During the lead up to the May rallies we have the “IN WATER LIFE RAFT DEMONSTRATION” done at the Orakei Dive pools. This is an opportunity to get wet and experience a life raft from a very real perspective.  Add to all of this, one on one mentoring, general support through the association as a whole and the vast amount of information available in books published by ICA press and the web site.

Full details of each coarse agenda is available on our web site click HERE


If you have ever sailed with Island Cruising before you will have experienced the sheer pleasure of making your first step ashore in the South Pacific onto soft coral sand beaches fringed with gently rustling palm trees. If you have ever had to clear into a South Pacifi c country in the local port, fight the rubbish and the smell, find the appropriate authorities, they are not all in the one place. Then you will appreciate the ease of clearance in an Island Cruising Rally.

This year Pangaimotu Island in Tonga, Savusavu in Fiji, Oyster Island in Vanuatu and Ouvéa in the French Loyalties have been designated official ports of entry for the Island Cruising Association Rally Fleets. Plus Musket Cove in Fiji & The Isle of Pines in Southern New Caledonia as official departure ports for the Rally.

Island Cruising Rally entrants receive a huge amount of advance information during the lead up to each rally. Immediately prior to departure you will receive clearance papers for departure and arrival documents for the destination country, information on anchorages, reef passes, local customs, events and local attractions. Full rally briefings are held prior to the start and radio skeds are held daily during the passages with Opua Offshore Communications who also handle our weather reporting.

Traveling with a rally also gives you a sense of community, this can be a great advantage when things don’t go according to plan or there are breakages. In a fleet there is almost always someone with the right skills to help and one may just have that spare part you are missing. On an Island Cruising Rally there is also a lot of fun mixed in with the adventure.

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