September 3rd, 2014

Vanuatu Customs – Where to get the right info – Sept 2014

vanuatu-mystery-island-1Many will already be aware that Vanuatu Customs have recently changed the rules for arriving yachts. The major changes for cruising yachts are the requirement of Advance Notice of Arrival and Clearance at Port Resolution on Tanna and at Anelghowhat on Anatom can be completed only with advance approval from Customs. Non compliance will result in Penalties. Below is the latest from Stanley Trief, manager of customs in Vila.

Hello Yacht Cruisers

All arrival forms are available on our website:

Yachts do not have to submit the forms in advance, but it will definitely facilitate their clearance upon arrival if they do. What we do need from all yachts arriving in Vanuatu, before their arrival, is their advance notice of arrival with the details as outlined on our website under item 2. Arrival: Yachts who wish to visit undeclared ports, will need to request approval to call into such a place. Again, such requests can be made via our website:

Regards Stanley Trief – Manager of Customs – Vanuatu.

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