September 8th, 2011

Terms and Conditions

All participants in any Island Cruising event or seminar must be current Island Cruising Full members.

The definition of “Rally” for the purpose of this form. A place where participating yachts will Rally or Muster for the purpose of planned events. ICNZ (Island Cruising NZ Ltd) facilitate events at planned rally points. How a skipper chooses to proceed from a rally point to another rally point is entirely his responsibility.

All Points Weather Routing- This is a basic service provided for vessel’s returning to New Zealand from Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu and New Caledonia. Participating vessels must be paid up Full members to qualify. The service is limited to departures from 15th October to 10th November each year. Information for this service is based on weather information available at the time and is not warrantied by ICNZ or APRL. The service is restricted to best time to depart and best route and are suggestions only, no warranty is either expressed or implied. It is the sole responsibility of the skipper whiter to depart or continue with an ocean passage.

It is the yacht owner’s responsibility to ensure that the skipper and crew have the level of experience and competency necessary to ensure at all times the safety of the vessel and the people onboard. The responsibility for any damage that might occur to persons and property, both on shore and at sea, as a consequence of participating in any way in this event is that of the skipper/owner and/or the person concerned onboard the vessel.

The decision to start or continue to participate in this, or any Island Cruising event, shall be the sole responsibility of the skipper/owner concerned. I hereby state that I have read the aforementioned and accordingly accept total responsibility for the safety of my vessel and crew and for all matters concerning my vessel and crew at sea.

I agree to be bound by the safety regulations, entry conditions and to indemnify Island Cruising NZ Ltd., its organizers, its sponsors and all associated organizations and yacht clubs from any responsibility in regard to myself, my crew and vessel during the course of any event. I declare that to the best of my knowledge the information given on this entry form is correct, my vessel is well found and both vessel, skipper and crew are up to the task.

Unless a participant in any Island Cruising rally or event specifically declines in writing, prior to the event. He or she hereby consents to grant Island Cruising full use of any images, blogs, testimonials, articles etc. both during the event and in the future.

No participant or crew of any participating vessel shall bring Island Cruising, it’s sponsors or associated Yacht Clubs into disrepute by any action, comment, blog, article, image or posting in any way, shape or form either during or after any event or rally.

Where a deposit is taken for any event it may be refunded in part or in full, at the organizers discretion, up to one month prior to the event at which stage all remaining monies become due and no refunds will be considered. Where additional costs are borne by participant, for example cost for transport etc for officials for out of port clearances, the participant is liable for these costs unless the organizers are notified of cancellation more than one month prior to the commencement of the rally.

These conditions of entry may be superseded at any time by additional requirements stipulated by the Marine Transport Act. and/or the NZ Maritime Safety Authority.

For the purposes of litigation New Zealand is the delegated statutory authority.