December 9th, 2013

Hydrovane – New Sponsors

Island cruising are pleased to Welcome Aboard Hydrovane as sponsors.

HYDROVANE INTERNATIONAL MARINE is excited to partner with the Island Cruising Association as an official sponsor.Logo

We relate well to John, Lyn and the ICA’s goal of ‘making cruising more fun for everyone’ and believe that our product can help make your cruise an enjoyable and safe one. Self Steering Windvanes:- The autopilot is a wonderful device. It is the only solution for motoring and very adequate for short passages. However, the demands of offshore sailing are different. A mechanical self steering windvane is the ideal solution for long passages:
• Consumes no electrical power
• Peaceful/quiet operation
• No worry of break-downs
• Can steer better than a helmsman or autopilot – always in sync with sail trim
No matter how ‘improved’ autopilots become, the role of mechanical self steering for an offshore cruiser will always be the primary workhorse of the extended passage. It will be your best crew: tireless, dependable, quiet, requiring no power, and…. it will never talk back!
Our Company:- Hydrovane International Marine is a family-run business. In 2002, Derek Daniels, the inventor and engineer behind
the Hydrovane, retired and sold the business to Canadians John and Karen Curry. John is a chartered accountant and a sailor. In the late 1960s he worked on a charter boat in the Caribbean and sailed in the 1968 Transatlantic race.
In the early 1970s he and his wife to be, Karen, sailed from Panama to Tahiti. They were married in New Zealand. In 1996 they took their teenage boys, Will and Ben, out of school for a year and sailed to Mexico and then back home to Vancouver via Hawaii. It was on that trip that the Curry’s developed a passion for cruising and for self-steering.

In April 2005 Will joined Hydrovane and in 2011 he and his wife, Sarah, purchased a boat in Mexico. They have since sailed from Mexico to Australia, simultaneously enjoying ocean cruising and working remotely.

They heard about the ICA from members they met in Fiji.

The Hydrovane is manufactured in the UK with main offices is in West Vancouver, Canada. The Hydrovane is exhibited worldwide at boat shows including Southampton, San Francisco, Annapolis, Seattle, Dusseldorf and Vancouver.

The Hydrovane:- The Hydrovane is truly the easiest to install, easiest to operate and easiest to maintain of all the self steering devices.
It is a ‘next generation’ system that is sophisticated and elegant. As with all systems, it is mountedon the boat’s transom; however, the Hydrovane does not need to be mounted centerline. Over 5,000 units are out there steering sailboats across the oceans of the world.

The technique for operating a Hydrovane is simple. The boat’s main rudder is locked off, the vane is set with its leading edge into the wind,
and the unit is engaged by clicking a knob into gear. That’s it! Once the boat veers off course the wind pushes the vane over, which, in turn, causes the Hydrovane rudder to respond to bring the vessel back on course. Above and beyond the thousands of miles that the Hydrovane will steer your boat, it offers the ultimate redundancy. Because the Hydrovane is completely separate from the boat’s main steering system, is it therefore a fully operational back-up/emergency steering system, in place and ‘ready to go’.

More Information:- We love talking boats and cruising so please feel free to contact us. For more information about our company
and the Hydrovane, please visit our website at To read about Will and Sarah’s South Pacific cruising experiences, please visit:

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