July 24th, 2011

Cook Island Bird Count

Any yachts interested in assisting?

A local environmental NGO in Rarotonga, Te Ipukarea Society, has some funds to do a seabird survey in the northern Cook Islands. However, they are having trouble finding a boat to take them around.

There would need to be 2 berths available for the 2 researchers. One of these, Ian Karika, is a very experienced sailor, and President of the Cook Island Voyaging Society, and a driving force behind the double hulled sailing canoes currently on their way from Hawaii to San Francisco, after departing New Zealand about 2 or 3 months ago. The other, Joe, is a biologist working for the Cook Islands National Environemnet Service

A possibility may be to join the yacht in Tahiti, sail to Penrhyn, then on to Manihiki, Suwarrow, and finish in Pukapuka/ Nassau. Or in which ever order the prevailing winds suited best. They could then leave the boat at the next port (Samoa? Tonga?) and fly back to the Cook Islands. Or the boat could sail to Rarotonga, but I think this would be hard with the wind direction.

The trip should take about 6 weeks all together, and would have to start quite soon so as not to run into the cyclone season. If possible, the yacht should also have a small dinghy that could be used to get to the various islets. If not, local aluminium dinghys at each island would be used for this.

Please contact Ana Tiraa on  aetiraa@gmail.com

More information about the organsiation involved can be found at  http://ipukarea.blogspot,com



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