December 9th, 2013

Bailey’s Insurance – New Sponsor

Island Cruising are pleased to introduce Bailey’s Insurance as sponsors.Logo blue background
What do we all want out of insurance, simple, Peace of Mind. We want to know that
we are covered for ANY unforeseen mishap, that any claim will not be a drama and
the cover is good value for money. “Special rates for ICA members with “A” rated
Insurers, backed up by superb claims service” is the by-line Neil Bailey used at our
last meeting and it pretty well sums it up.


There are two things that cruisers talk about the most:

The weather & Insurance!

It’s good to know ICA now has a sponsor for both discussions. While we may not be able to control the weather we can
control who we insure with, and the results we get. In recent times we have been mindful that the insurance package
previously offered through the ICA has left a number of members less than satisfied.

Because we are all about offering the cruising community “peace of mind” we began looking at a number of options for
insurance the one that ticked all the boxes was Baileys Insurance Brokers Ltd, fortunately they saw the merit in aligning
with ICA and I’m pleased to announce Baileys have come on board as a sponsor of the ICA. This is great news for you as a
member, as Baileys are at the forefront of marine insurance in New Zealand, and through personal experience we really
can say that they work for you – not the Insurer. Our director of sales and marketing, John Hembrow, suffered major
cyclone damage in Fiji in December last year, and was able to resolve the claim quickly and fairly, because of the personal
involvement in the claim from the Baileys team, ensuring that things kept moving and policy entitlements were met. John
H commented that his claim was settled even before others had even had a claim “accepted” by their Insurers.

This is also a totally unsolicited comment made on recently, from the owners of the yacht “Squealer”who we
met and talked with in Musket Cove this year. Squealer, a Tauranga based racer lost her mast on the Squadron – Musket
Cove race. “The process of losing the mast, and getting to the point of being ready to sail home has been a long one with
many lessons learnt. Our insurance company Lumley, agent Bailey’s Insurance and adjuster Moyle Marine Surveyors have
been nothing short of fantastic the entire time. They have been realistic and helpful at every turn, putting our best interest
first. Fiji is a long, long way from New Zealand when it comes to this type of thing…..”. They say bad news travels ten times faster than good and it must have been a pretty good experience for the owners to post such a positive comment.
Let’s face it, insurance is nothing more than a “promise”– a promise to pay within certain conditions, at a time of need. And that’s where Baileys step in. They are there to make sure the promise is kept. They do this by using quality insurers with “A” rated financial security as a minimum requirement, but most importantly, they are involved first hand with every claim and have the knowledge, experience and skill to ensure a claim is settled as it should be. Their true independence and status within the insurance market gives them access to a variety of Insurers, both locally in NZ and in the UK resulting in competitive premium and excess terms.

Baileys have been around since 1986, and marine insurance is one of their specialist areas. Rowan Adolph and Neil Bailey head up the marine team, both have been sailing all their life, and have a real affinity with the needs of boat owners. Neil also has blue water experience, with 7 trips to/from the Pacific Islands under his belt. Neil Bailey say’s, “We are very excited about our new relationship, and are pleased to be able to offer ICA members a quality product and service going forward, be sure to let us know you are an ICA member to get the best deal possible”

The team at Bailey’s have also agreed to provide content by way of articles on their specialist subject to be published in Cruise News, so watch this space…
To get the best rates and service click the link on the ICA home page


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