May 8th, 2016

2018 Sail South Pacific French Polynesia Rally

Sail the Austral’s, Tuamotu’s and the Society Islands in company in the 2018 Sail South Pacific French Polynesia Rally.

2018 FP rally route for web

With the promise of beautiful white sand beaches and swaying palm trees, a full bodied French red, a crisp Baguette, wonderful paté and a host of other French delicacies, this trip of a lifetime offers participants a number of choices.

Sailing East from New Zealand is often thought of as a challenge but with good weather routing the passage to the Austral Islands is becoming a popular route. At  Tubuai we’ll be met by our French yacht agent and the officials for a full clearance to allow us to cruise the entire archipelago at our leisure. The usual bond will be held under arrangement by our agent and paradise awaits.

From the Austral Islands, at 23°30’S, the route is open to cruise the Tuamotu’s, Marquise’s and the Society Islands. The choice is then whether to sail back West or head North to Hawaii and potentially back to the States, Canada or Alaska.

Final detailing is yet to be confirmed but you can register your interest by clicking the link below and we’ll keep you up with developments as they happen.