April 5th, 2012

2013/14 Cruising Preparation Seminars

2014 Australian flier

Date Changes for Fremantle Seminar – now Sat 1st and Sun 2nd Feb 2014

Adelaide Seminar is now combined with the Melbourne Seminar on the 8th and 9th of Feb.

Prepare yourself, your boat and your crew for Extended Coastal or Offshore Cruising.

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Here’s what others have to say about this intensive two day course

“This course is amazing it’s saved me thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours” Dan – MacKay

“Great seminar, it wasn’t what I didn’t know, it was what I didn’t know I didn’t know!” Kathy – Nelson

“This seminar gave my partner the confidence to go cruising, I owe ICA big time” Chris – Fremantle

“I did the seminar twice, the first by myself, the second with my wife. Best thing I ever did!” Rob – Melbourne


Fremantle:       Seminar – Sat 1st/ Sun 2nd  Feb 2014
Adelaide:           Amalgamated with the Melbourne Seminar
Melbourne:       Seminar – Sat 8th/ Sun 9th Feb 2014
Sydney:             Seminar – Sat 15th/Sun 16th Feb 2014
Newcastle:        Seminar – Sat 22nd/Sun 23rd Feb 2014
Brisbane:           Seminar – Sat 1st/Sun 2nd Mar 2014
Airlie Beach:    Seminar – Sat 8th/ Sun 9th Mar 2014
Townsville:       Seminar – Sat 15th/Sun 16th Mar 2014
Cairns:               Seminar – Sat 22nd/23rd Mar 2014

Cruising  Prep. Seminar – Syllabus
Times: Sat. 0800 Sun. 0900 (Each day finishes 1700)
•    The Ideal Cruising Yacht? – Hull design – Material – Tender – Ventilation – Sanitation and         accommodation layout
•    Rigging – for extended cruising  & safety inc. deck layout, preventors, etc
•    Sails – selection, balance, tuning, fault finding, maintenance
•    Furling – headsail, mainsail, car handling, storm safety
•    Anchors & Anchoring –– techniques,  types, warps, laying, windlass
•    Provisions – food stores, what is available and where
•    Water – treatment, filtration, purification, disinfectant, watermakers
•    Vessel Systems – water, plumbing, gas, fuel, etc.
•    Power generation – looking at all the options
•    Electronics – radios, charting, GPS, Radar, autopilot, AIS, etc.
•    Money – management of, establishing credit lines
•    Mail – forwarding, ICA mail & fax drops in the South Pacific, NZ and Australian East Coast.
•    Email – ways to receive this, advantages
•    Search and Rescue – authority & scope of SAR
•    Cat 1 – What it means to you.
•    Safety Gear- plus watch systems and safety protocols
•    Ship Registration – guide to ships registry
•    Navigation – basic equipment requirements
•    Charts – tables, filing, requirements
•    Log Keeping – plus basic record keeping
•    Books – recommendations, pilots, reference manuals, cruising guides
•    Computers – what they can do aboard to assist you
•    Interfacing – all electronics, the advantages, the pitfalls
•    Radios, VHF, SSB, HAM – skeds, basic operation, installation
•    Steering – Tiller, wheel, vanes, emergency
•    Diesel Engines – how they work, trouble shooting, spares
•    Fuel – Filters, injectors, filtering before it enters the tank
•    Passage preparation – Coastal and Offshore
•    Passage Planning  – Coastal and Offshore.
•    Weather  – Coastal and Offshore
•    Emergencies at Sea – fire, grounding, heavy weather, hull damage, leaks, MOB practice
•    Repairs at Sea – rigging loss, steering loss, towing, being towed and abandoning ship
•    Legalities – of  items that concern cruisers
•    Heavy Weather – storm rigs, storm sails, heaving to, laying ahull, sea anchors, drogues
•    Living while extended cruising – with other cruisers plus the locals.

The premise of the course is first and foremost about:- Getting yourself, your boat and the crew ready in all respect’s to go cruising, be it extended coastal or offshore.

•    Two day, full weekend course syllabus  can be downloaded at www.islandcruising.co.nz
•    Intensives (held after and supplementary to the weekend course.)
•    Monday evening      •   Cruising from a woman’s perspective. (girl’s only).
or      •   Handling Heavy weather
•   Tuesday evening      •   Setting up your Communications.
or      •   Provisioning.
•   2 hour, one on one individual sessions on your own boat can be booked by email.

Seminar reading – A Guide to Cruising & Safety and Emergencies at Sea by Brian and Joan Hepburn, These e-books are included in the course fee.
Seminar Cost $450.00 (allows 2 x seats) plus ICA membership $45 (if you are not already a member).

Intensive’s – $75 per session.
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