October 12th, 2012

October 2012 Cruise News

The October “Cruise News” is now available for download. Click HERE to download.

October Club Night:- Your Host ‘The PIRATE’. Bill has Marius Coomans flying in from Australia especially for ICA Club Night, 12th October, to inform us how Yacht Tracking Systems have become valued by Cruisers and now used by most Offshore Yacht Rallies today, including those run by ICA. Yacht Tracking Systems like Skipr.net enable friends and family via the Internet to know exactly where their dearly beloved sailors are and how they are doing.

See where “Windflower” is today click HERE

Bar opens at 6:00pm please book by email –  john@islandcruising.co.nz

Whats in the October Cruise News

3..  What’s up next?
4,5,… Updates
6…What works
8… Tips and Tricks
9…Seminar Program
11…Interlude :- Croatia
12-16… Doyle Sails WPR update
18-21.. Brokerage- Cruising Boats for Sale
22… Ponder this
23..  Classifieds:- For sale & wanted to buy.

Don’t forget if you have something you think should be in Cruise News, please let us know.

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