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September 2nd, 2010


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Off to live the dreamIt’s all about “Cruising”

Whether it’s Extended Coastal or Offshore cruising, dip into the ICA knowledge-base to help you get out there, have fun and do it safely!

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All Points Flier 2014
2014 All Points Rally info -Click HERE

Free Rally to New Zealand – November 2014.



2015 Sail 2 Indonesia – Expression of interest- click HERE



ICA are excited to welcome new sponsors; Enertec Marine

Down Load the Latest issue in high resolution format of our monthly mag, “Cruise News” HERE.

It’s all about “Cruising”

Whether it’s Extended Coastal or Offshore cruising, dip into the ICA knowledge-base to help you get out there, have fun and do it safely!

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NEXT CLUB EVENT:- “Focus on Cruising” Series 

Everyone’s Welcome

“Focus on Cruising” Club Night…

Friday October 10th – Setting up your Ships Electrical systems for extended
coastal and offshore.
Many of you will have heard of Lithium Batteries but are they as good as
some people make out? Our speaker for this subject is Colin Pawson from
Enertec Marine, Colin ably assisted Tony Whiting last month so the tables
are turned this month with Tony assisting Colin. Learn more about this
emerging technology and allow Colin to dispell some of the myths.
Please make your booking by email to john@islandcruising.co.nz by
Wednesday 8th October.

…………..SIBS Masterclass……. 251           191            243

 2014 Cruising Preparation Seminar – Auckland

Live the Cruising Dream!

It’s a dream many have but just how do you achieve it?

Just what’s involved? Do I have the right boat? Is this something I can do? How do I set up my boat?

These are all questions that come up regularly when we’re speaking to people about cruising whether it’s extended coastal, power or sail, or offshore cruising they’re thinking of.

This seminar series is designed to answer those questions and a whole lot more, get you out there, well prepared, safely and having fun. With over 30 topics ranging from sails and sail repair to safety gear and how to use it, your electrical system to communications aboard, this weekend seminar covers it all.

The number of attendees is limited to just 15 couples which allows each participants situation to be addressed.

WHERE – RNZYS Briefing Room – Westhaven – Auckland

WHEN – Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th November 2014 (Dates Changed)

For a full description of the seminar or to register click HERE


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Welcome to Cruising

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